GCSE Maths tuition in Leicester

With the introduction of the new course with first exams in 2017, GCSE Maths has seen significant changes in the exam structure, grading system as well as content. This has increased the spectrum of possible grades with an increased difficulty in the GCSE Maths material. Topics previously seen on A Level Maths papers is now going to be on the GCSE Maths papers. Additionally students will no longer have access to a Maths formula sheet in the exam and therefore will be required to learn an approximately 20 more equations. Our GCSE Maths tutors have studied the changes in depth and are confident that all of our Leicester pupils will perform well in this year’s GCSE Maths exam.
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A Level Maths Tuition in Leicester

A level Maths is a difficult subject that many students need support with. Maths tuition is a good way of finding that support especially when it is provided by experienced and qualified A Level Maths tutors in Leicester. If you would like more information about the A Level Maths tuition provided by Leicester Tutor Company, then contact us today and we will be happy to provide whatever information you require.