Higher education requires a GCSE maths and English qualification or a GCSE equivalent qualifications. As well, most employers require these qualifications too which is why GCSE equivalent qualifications have increased in popularity over the years. There are two main GCSE equivalent qualifications, these two are functional skills and GCSE Equivalency Tests. Functional skills have exams for both maths and English. To gain the GCSE equivalent qualification you need the final level which is level 2. The UK government funds functional skills courses in college if you are 19 or younger but if you are older you have to fund this course by yourself and sign up as an independent learner instead. GCSE Equivalency Tests are beneficial if you require a GCSE equivalent qualification for teacher training courses. They offer exams in maths, English and science and can be taken at any time.

GCSE exams are better than GCSE equivalents qualifications but they aren’t as flexible  since there are only two periods during the academic year that you can sit them. There are also other GCSE equivalents qualifications such as BTEC’s and NVQs that are accepted but functional skills is undoubtedly the most popular. We provided sessions adapted to your needs (for example if you are struggling with a topic, we will spend a lot of time during the session on that topic) to prepare you for any of the GCSE equivalent exams. The online functional skills exam can be booked through MME and they can also book a test for you at your local testing centre if you prefer to sit the paper option.