Here at Leicester Tutor Company, we offer one to one sessions for people who are preparing for a GCSE maths equivalency test. We work with MME to provide you the best materials for your exam and help you with any quarrels you have. Maths isn’t the only GCSE equivalency tests that MME offers, they also have English and science exams.

The equivalency tests reflect what the UK government has set as the curriculum this year. The exam providers for the equivalency test will be provided with a specification to have a better understanding of the exam. If you require a GCSE equivalent qualification to access a teacher training or nursing course, then the maths equivalency test is a qualification that universities accept. The reason why this qualification is popular is because they are more convenient to take when you compare them to GCSE exams.

Exam Booking

The two ways you can book the exam is either through the online booking system or calling MME to book the maths GCSE equivalency test for you.

Maths Equivalency Test Practice Papers

There are different materials that people use to help prepare them for the exam, however we think that mock exams are one of the best revision materials to understand the question. The reason for this is because the maths equivalency test practice papers have exam style questions in the papers. Royal Mail will deliver the mock papers and mark scheme to your house. We believe you should take the mock paper before you look at the mark scheme.