Here at the Leicester Tutor Company, we are delighted to offer you Equivalency Testing whether you are just wanting to obtain GCSE equivalency or because you are a trainee teacher and wanting to gain entry onto a PGCE route.

We are working closely alongside A Star Equivalency to offer you a wide range of courses and GCSE Equivalency Tests so that every option is available to you. These courses include: Maths, English, Science and Biology. All of our exams and courses all follow closely alongside the national GCSE curriculum for each subject; with slight modifications in order to make the exam more suited for those wanting to choose another career path later in life than others.

Our tutors here are all fully qualified and ready to help you with any help and support you may need in the lead up to your exams. We understand that exam times can be stressful so our tutors are also readily available to help you with revision timetables, notes etc. We can also offer you study materials like flashcards, revision guides and practice papers to ensure that you are in the best place possible to succeed in your equivalency exam!

If you think that the GCSE Equivalency Testing is suitable for you, please get in contact with us and we will be happy to assist you where we can!