Free Functional Skills Courses

Leicester Tutor Company are offering free Functional skills courses that provide learners with useful and transferable skills in preparation for their English and Maths exams. This   GCSE equivalent qualification supports progression into employment or further education. We have a descriptive article below that explains how you can receive free Functional skill course access, if you’d like to sign up now you can do so by clicking on the link below. 


  Free Functional Skills Maths Course Sign Up Now!



Free Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Course

Our most popular and leading course qualification taken by thousands of learners each year, from school leavers to adult learners is our Functional skills Maths Level 2 course. Functional skills at level 2 is a  GCSE equivalent qualification that is sought after by employers and can be used to access University courses and apprenticeship schemes, You can sign up now to our level 2 Functional skills Maths by using the link below and gain access to the course, included is a pre-assessment that assesses key areas you need to work on. 


Free Functional Skills level 2 Course



Free Functional Skills English level 2 Course

At Leister Tutor Company we have a free of charge functional skills English level 2 course available to access now by all learners, The English Level 2 qualification is made up in 3 parts which includes the core topics, Reading, Writing as well as the SLC, We provide additional support for the (SLC)  speaking, listening and communicating section of the qualification, and for the reading and writing aspects, in order to obtain our free course you must complete the form in the link below. 


Free Functional Skills Level 2 Online Course