At Leicester Tutor Company we search to assist students of all ages that are studying towards a functional skills qualification. This includes those that are looking for help with booking their final exams. The functional skills maths level 2 exam is a crucial part of achieving the level 2 maths qualification.This qualification is required to access higher education courses such as mental health nursing and apprenticeship routes such as the police apprenticeship.


The level 2 maths exam is comprised of 2 sections, the non-calculator and calculator parts. The calculator section is typically worth most of the overall mark. You do not have to achieve 100% in either part to pass but being prepared obviously helps. You simply need to achieve the required pass mark overall.The exam contains 3 main topic areas of the following: using numbers, common measures, shapes and space and handling information and data. Each paper varies and you can get questions on anything from percentages to probability.


The majority of the main exam boards such as City & Guilds and Pearson (Edexcel) offer functional skills maths level 2 exams but you have to book through a registered exam centre, which can be done online. Most exam centres are only affiliated with 1 exam board but the exam centre recommended by Leicester Tutor Company offers 3 exam boards which gives students a larger range to choose from. Each exam board has their individual benefits and problems including speed of booking, speed of result, ease of set-up, exam date availability and other factors. Having 3 boards to choose from enables students to select the one best suited to them.


Whether you are looking for support with your level 2 maths booking, or you want help in the form of professional tuition, Leicester Tutor Company is here to help.