The services offered at Leicester Tutor Company are accessible to students of all ages/ experiences and abilities. Our tutors will offer support in Maths, English and various Sciences such as Biology, Physics and Chemistry. The team of tutors who offer their services are highly knowledgeable of their subjects. We offer a whole range of support during the study period of these courses ranging from in-depth courses, extensive revision materials, tutoring sessions to lead up the eventual booking of an exam. There has been a huge surge of people looking to achieve their Functional Skills level 2 Qualifications instead of the classic route of GCSE qualifications. As the Functional Level 2 Skills in London take more interest and become more popular this article will highlight the services available.


Functional Skills exams are highly accessible; more so than GCSE exams. The Functional Skills exams can be taken at any time and being flexible you can take these exams in your own home at a time that would suit you best. This is an ideal situation for learners applying for University or job roles; as the Functional Skills exams can also be taken at any point in the year, while GCSE exams are only taken in two examination periods. On top of being easily accessible to many the Functional Skills Level 2 qualifications accommodate to time restraints from jobs or other commitments as they have less content required to learn and pass. While we aid many local areas, we do not have nationwide reach. To accommodate this we work with several services to help students across the UK achieve their education goals and achievements. If any Functional Skills Level 2 Maths and English Support in London is needed you can visit our partner site. On our partners site you can access resources, tuition and book with an exam center.


If you require to book with our Functional Skills Exam Center in London or you are looking to book a tutor in your current area this service can help you. Additionally, you can access a range of comprehensive revision materials such as past papers, revision guides etc. These resources have been made to allow the learner a less stressful revision period and to build confidence. You can contact Leicester tutors for support.