Here at Leicester tutors we want all students to have the best chance of them being able to pass their exams. This includes allowing students access to the best revision materials and resources possible. Over the years of revision materials and resources there has been innovations, these innovations include revision cards. These cards are responsible for breaking down information into sizable chunks, allowing the student to absorb the more important information more efficiently. Our 

 GCSE maths revision cards are becoming increasingly popular, they are incredibly easy to use and promote a more fun and relaxed learning environment for the student. 


 GCSE maths revision cards are a fantastic way to revise. The current GCSE maths exams are not far away and students are looking for ways to improve their learning capacity in many different ways. Maths is a subject that requires the absorption of more information than others. As well as requiring more information, students are needed to practice what they’ve learnt to make sure there is the understanding of the methods used in solving exams questions. 


MME GCSE maths flashcards are one of the many revision materials we recommend to learn from. These flashcards are set up in the way of breaking down topics bit by bit with clear instructions and explanations showing all the methods needed to learn by the student. On top of the methods being shown, there will be an example of a worked out question showing the student how to use the method shown. When the student has learnt what they have needed and can successfully and confidently, there are example questions on the reverse of each flashcard. The flashcards also come with an answer book that has the explanation, this allowed the student to work through the answers to check their own understanding. 


At Leicester tutors, there is the opportunity of having one to one tuition online and also in person; this is available for all subjects. Our tutors are more than qualified for the tuition and only aim to improve the students’ learning process. Contact us for more information.