At Leicester Tutor Company, we help all of our students with their studies. One of these studies are the increasingly popular  functional skills courses. These are maths and English equivalent exams that can be used to get into University, get onto and finish apprenticeships and better your employment chances. No matter whatever your plans are, whether it is to go into the police, be a teacher or a nurse, these  functional skills courses are going to be essential for these applications if you do not already have a GCSE. 


There are many services that offer a functional skills course but when you are purchasing a course you need to ensure it is Ofqual regulated. The maths and English courses that we recommend here are always Ofqual regulated and have proved effective. As part of the curriculum, you will complete a number of exercises and practice and exam questions. You will also have access to tutorials that clearly explain the topics. 


Frequently asked questions: 


Will the functional skills maths course you offer help me to pass? 

Yes, the courses we recommend have excellent pass rates. As long as you put the effort in you should expect to pass.


How long do the functional skills courses take to complete? 

This depends on the course but we recommend around 50 hours per qualification. 


Can I do the course from home? 

Yes the courses we recommend are home study so you can do them in your own time. 


Will I be able to get into University with this?

Yes, as long as the qualification is Ofqual regulated it will be accepted as a GCSE equivalent everywhere. 


Is the level 2 equivalent to a GCSE grade? 

Yes the level 2 is the same as a GCSE grade 4.