At the Leicester Tutor Company, we support all students when it comes to gaining qualifications. An option that has only been increasing in popularity recently are the GCSE equivalency tests. Many different courses require different qualifications, but these tests are equivalent to a GCSE grade C in maths, science and English. This makes it a great alternative for learners who are international students too as some qualifications earned overseas are not recognised as GCSE equivalents here in the UK. It can be used to enter teaching, nursing and midwifery just to name a few. There is no need to worry about the quality of these qualifications either as they are up to GCSE standard and are benchmarked against the major GCSE exam boards such as AQA and Edexcel. These are just adjusted for learners to take in a shorter space of time in comparison to the GCSE examinations. 


The advice that we give to learners about looking for providers for this service is that they stick with the two main ones as they are accepted by all of the major Universities. There may be many others but these two are the core providers of GCSE equivalency tests. A Star Equivalency is the one out of the two that we recommend to all our learners. With everything booked in, you can go through the instructions that are sent to you through email so that you can prepare and know what to expect on exam day. The exams run 6 days a week so you can choose the day that suits you and your schedule best. Online invigilation also allows you to take the exam from your own home. After taking the actual exam, you will get the results back in 2 weeks with a certificate when you have passed. You will also be provided with a code unique to you, so you can verify the qualifications.


We know that studying and revising can be difficult but we offer support in that too. Identifying what subjects you are struggling with is the first step in doing this and then focusing on those topics is next. Tutors dedicated to each subject are also available if you need 1-2-1 support in the process. For more information on all of this, contact us today.