Acquiring qualifications in English, Maths are incredibly important for furthering peoples careers or looking to start a new career path. In doing so students and adult learners will have access to many different university courses, potential jobs or to apply and complete an apprenticeship program. 


Functional Skills courses are becoming more and more popular as time goes on, this is because they are allowed to be taken online within the comfort of your own home. The most popular qualifications are Maths and English, these two are mandatory to have when applying for jobs and universities. Functional Skills courses are used to further one’s career. 

To pass the functional skills course, depending on the exam; you will need to acquire a pass percentage of 50%-60%. You are not awarded a specific grade as the qualification is a grade C only.

To register for a functional skills course, all that is needed is to contact an Ofqual regulated exam center. One such center is the Pass Functional Skills, you will then be set up and given resource materials to aid you in your studies. Pass Functional Skills will also make sure your qualification is recognised by Universities and employers.  


Here at Leicester Tutor Company the goal is simple, provide a five star service to all students and adult learners. This means keeping students informed as they go along with relevant information such as what qualifications are suitable for what they want to achieve and what they can do once achieved. If you are looking to acquire a tutor please get in touch as soon as possible.