Leicester Tutor Company helps people to prepare for functional skills English level 2 exams. This functional skills qualification is equivalent to that of a GCSE English qualification, making it very desirable for those looking to work in the UK. As well as being a sought-after qualification for work in the UK, it also grants access to most UK universities and colleges to further your future career.

The English functional skills exam that MME provides is done remotely, meaning that it can be done from anywhere that has a stable internet connection. All you will need to sit the exam is a computer or laptop with a working webcam and microphone. This is so you can communicate with your Ofqual-approved invigilator who will be overseeing your exam so it is kept equal and fair with other potential learners. The invigilator will contact you before the start time of your exam inviting you to a video call where they will then set up your exam.

To receive the qualification, you must complete 3 separate exams: Reading, Writing and SLC. Each of these exams are designed around testing your knowledge on the English Language. The first 2, Reading and Writing, are taken in 1 sitting, each lasting an hour for a total duration of 2 hours. These papers will be testing your abilities in analysing text and creative writing in response to a scenario presented to you in the exam. The SLC, or Speaking Listening and Communication exam, is taken at a separate date to the Reading and Writing, and will be testing your abilities to communicate effectively by tasking you with giving a presentation of a topic given to your prior to the exam. This exam is a little bit different, and will be sat with 3 other learners in addition to an invigilator so you can properly test your communication skills.

Once all 3 of these exams have been completed, they will be sent off to be marked and you will hear your results within 16 working days. Your results will be sent to you via email, including percentage based scores determining how well you have done in each section. If you have passed all 3 exams, you will receive your qualification in addition to a certificate.

The functional skills level 2 English online exam package is available on the MME website, at a starting price of £225. This package includes the online exam as well as a large variety of revision materials, including past papers and revision cards, as well as a login to an online revision platform.

We can also recommend Pass Functional Skills as a provider for Functional Skills English exams.