GCSE Maths Equivalency exams are a type of exam that is suited for those who haven’t been in education for a while or don’t have the necessary GCSE Maths grades for entry onto higher education courses that they want to enrol onto. These types of courses are generally run by universities and run courses that range from QTS teacher training courses to midwifery. 


Leicester Tutor Company would like to recommend you A Star Equivalency as our recommended exam and study provider for undertaking your GCSE Maths Equivalency Exam. A Star Equivalency offers a studying course that helps learners to meet the curriculum of the exam but also to meet the grade requirements of their desired training courses. They have the reputation of delivering leading GCSE Maths Equivalency Exams and materials since 2002 and also are accepted by the majority of training providers throughout the country! (Always check before booking though who your course accepts and doesn’t.)


The GCSE Maths Equivalency Exam is structured very simply. The exam consists of 2 papers that you will sit back to back on the exam day. The first paper will be the non-calculator one (which lasts for an hour and is worth 50 marks. Then, the second paper is the calculator paper (which is also worth 50 marks and lasts an hour). 

The exam paper and its specification is based on the Edexcel GCSE Maths specification, however there are a few slight tweaks to the course content in order to make the course and success rate more accessible for those who may not have been in education for a while or have the time and opportunity to be studying all day like a school student. 


We recommend considering what you think your capabilities are. There are two options for what GCSE Maths Equivalency Exam you can take. You can take either the Higher Tier or the Foundation Tier. For example, Wales have a requirement of Level 6 for some of their courses (which is only attainable through a Higher Tier GCSE Maths Equivalency Exam) so always check what you need before booking! At Leicester Tutor Company, if suitable, we recommend taking the foundation tier GCSE Maths Equivalency Exam, as it has a higher success rate and there is less content to learn. Our tutors here at Leicester Tutor Company are all fully qualified in helping you with your GCSE Maths Equivalency exam prep, revision or even booking your exam. 


For reference the GCSE Maths Equivalency grade boundaries are as follows: 

Foundation Tier Maths Equivalency Exam Grade Boundaries 

  • Grade 4 (low C) (55% to 74%) Grade 5 (75% to 100%)


Higher Tier Maths Equivalency Grade Boundaries are as follows:

  • Grade 4 (25 to 34%)   9 mark band 25 to 34 marks inclusive
  • Grade 5 (35 to 43%)   9 mark band 35 to 43 marks inclusive
  • Grade 6 (44 to 54%) 11 mark band 44 to 54 marks inclusive
  • Grade 7 (55 to 68%) 14 mark band 55 to 68 marks inclusive
  • Grade 8 (69 to 82%) 14 mark band 69 to 82 marks inclusive
  • Grade 9 (83 to 100%) 18 mark band 83 to 100 marks inclusive


On the exam day, you will need to have a computer/laptop with a webcam, strong internet access, ID, pen & paper for your workings and a scientific calculator. You will be sitting your exam from the comfort of your own whilst being invigilated by a zoom call. 

If the GCSE Maths Equivalency Exams sound like something that you are interested in, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at the Leicester Tutor Company. We would be delighted to help you with every step of the way, from booking your exam with A Star Equivalency, helping you with your studies and revision to any 1 to 1 tuition you may need to achieve your maximum potential.