Here at Leicester Tutor Company, we help all of our students no matter their background, age or their skill level. In order to take the Functional Skills Maths qualification, certain learners are asked to study entry level 3 maths. As well as supporting students with this, we also support tutors and teachers with resources to help teach. 


The entry level 3 maths revision resources we recommend include everything a learner and a teacher will need to cover the entirety of the curriculum. All of the topic areas are set out clearly to ensure all learners find everything they need to revise from. Students are able to click through to the revision pages they need. They will find useful practice questions, revision notes and model solutions. On the main revision page, students and tutors will have access to worksheet questions and the relevant mark schemes. These are a crucial revision tool as they show the exam format and give an insight into what the exam will be like on the day. 


Once the online entry level 3 maths resources have been used then students may want to move onto the entry level past papers. These papers give the perfect exam practice and will show you how many marks you need in order to pass the exam. Once a student feels confident and is achieving the pass mark regularly, we advise booking the entry level 3 exam. Beyond the entry level is Functional Skills. After the entry level, most students move onto the Functional Skills level 1 but some students move directly onto level 2. A Lot of colleges encourage to progress through the levels but it is up to the learner themself. At Leicester tutor company, we help students with all of their Functional Skills levels.